Rashi’s emergency activity in numbers

staff and volunteers
children and youth participants

Rashi is in the field establishing and operating

Mobile Child Development Units

Mobile units operating in evacuation centers to treat young children up to age 6 who are suffering from war-related trauma, staffed by a team of psychologists, social workers and child development therapists.

Holistic Therapy and Education Centers

These centers provide children evacuees with comprehensive educational-emotional support, experiential learning, and stress-relieving enrichment activities in a positive community environment.

Eilat Youth Center

A center for thousands of teens evacuated with their families to Eilat, open in the evening and night hours and offering engaging social and enrichment activities along with age-appropriate emotional support.

The Rashi
Emergency fund 

Israel is now in a state of emergency like none it has experienced before.

The Rashi Foundation, which works closely with dozens of municipalities and civil society organizations, is assessing the needs of the affected populations so than we can address them with an immediate response. This includes psychological and emotional support, holistic social-educational solutions for children and youth, material aid, and more.

Rashi has established an emergency fund with  seed money from its resources that will be used exclusively for assistance to these victims.

We can’t do it alone and need your partnership by contributing to this fund, to help the residents and restore the communities to stable lives.

Updates from the field

30 Nov. 23

Another early childhood development unit was opened in a Tiberias hotel accommodating evacuated families

14 Nov. 23

The participants and staff of the Galilee pre-army program work with evacuated families in Tiberias, with an emphasis of youth activity.

8 Nov. 23

Space in a Tiberias hotel was transformed into an education and respite center for children and youth

6 Nov. 23

Evacuated children in Tiberias enjoy experiential activity with the Challenge Center team

6 Nov. 23

Early childhood developmental unit is starting to operate at a Dead Sea evacuation center

1 Nov. 23

Youth hub opened in Eilat to give teens from evacuated families a safe and supportive environment

23 Oct. 23

 Packing laptop computers for distance learning in the Magshimim cyber education program

18 Oct. 23

Setting up a respite space for evacuated children and youth in a Dead Sea hotel

18 Oct. 23

Children of medical teams at the Poriya hospital in experiential activity with volunteers

17 Oct. 23

Ceramic class for evacuees from southern communities

16 Oct. 23

The first lesson in a holistic education center for children from Kibbutz Sa’ad

15 Oct. 23

Volunteers engaging evacuated children in creative activity


The Rashi Foundation is one of the leading private philanthropies in Israel. Since 1984, we have been working with our partners to promote social mobility and equal opportunity in Israel’s geo-social periphery, with a focus on the educational and social welfare systems.