Desert Spirit Village

A therapeutic community where the serene desert atmosphere is an important element of the rehabilitation process of juvenile offenders and people with drug or alcohol dependence.

The Pharmadom Desert Spirit Village was built by Rashi as the first therapeutic community in southern Israel, located in the Negev highlands region. The desert landscape and serene atmosphere are an important part of the therapeutic environment, and together with the services provided by the village facilitate meaningful rehabilitation.

Several residential programs operate in parallel within the village, among them programs for people who suffer from drug or alcohol dependence – men and women, including young adults (17+). They arrive after detoxification and take part in the community’s programming of their own free will. An additional facility in Be’er Sheva serves as a halfway house for graduates of the village and other treatment programs.

Programs for youth at high risk – boys and girls separately – include alternatives to custody for juvenile offenders during the legal proceedings, and a long-term residential facility providing comprehensive treatment to boys (14-18) referred by the court of welfare authorities.

The village has living quarters, a multi-purpose dining hall, treatment centers, an employment center for adults, an educational facility for youth, and more. Working in the different programs is a professional team of social workers, teachers, therapists, psychiatrists and counselors.



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Operating body

Operating body

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