Cisco & Rashi are working Together To Help Israel’s Humanitarian Crisis

Israel is now in a state of emergency like none it has experienced before.

In response, the Rashi Foundation, is diligently assessing the urgent needs of those affected and together with Cisco has launched initiatives to support displaced people.

Our immediate response encompasses psychological and emotional support, comprehensive social-educational programs for children and youth, essential material aid, and more.

To provide dedicated support, Rashi has initiated an emergency fund, seeding it with $1 million from our resources. These funds are earmarked for exclusive use in assisting the impacted individuals. However, the magnitude of this crisis surpasses our solitary efforts. We urgently call for your solidarity and partnership in bolstering this fund

our contribution is pivotal in facilitating prompt relief and rehabilitation for the residents, aiming to re-establish stability within their lives and communities. Together, we can forge a path toward recovery.

The emergency fund focuses on the following areas:

Mobile schools for evacuated children

Holistic educational centers that provide emotional support, experiential learning and stress-relieving enrichment activity.

Post-trauma treatment and wmotional resilience

Mobile units with professionals treating victims in evacuee centers and those who remain at home near the front.

Assistance to civil defense, health and welfare authorities

Emergency equipment, reinforcement for teams of municipal resilience centers, aid to at-risk residents

Lesson in the mobile school

Working with evacuated children

Volunteers with chikdren of hospital staff


Join Cisco & Rashi to provide the emergency fund to provide immediate help to the people and communities affected by the war in Israel.


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About us

The Rashi Foundation is one of the leading private philanthropies in Israel. Since 1984, we have been working with our partners to promote social mobility and equal opportunity in Israel’s geo-social periphery, with a focus on the educational and social welfare systems.