Driving Social Mobility Together

Today, the future of Israeli children is determined in large part by the environment in which they grew up. Changing this by working to promote social mobility and equal opportunity is the main mission of the Rashi Foundation, one of Israel’s leading private philanthropies.

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Education for Life

What do our children do after school and how is it connected to their future success?

Research findings confirm the lifelong impact of the skills children and youth develop through extracurricular activities and experiential learning. Therefore, it can be harnessed to create opportunities for Israel’s underprivileged children


Reaching out

400,000 beneficiaries per year
75 philanthropic partners
The Rashi Network:
8 affiliate organizations
Projects in 170 municipalities across Israel
Collaboration with 10 government ministries

Rashi News

Education for Life: Social mobility through experiential education

Recognizing the potential of experiential education to drive social mobility, the Rashi Foundation has decided to invest in it as a core area of its work in Israel’s periphery.

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Israel’s 75th Independence Day

Marking 75 years of Israel’s independence and continuing to create opportunities in the geo-social periphery, for everyone.
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Are the Israeli army’s technology units elitist?

While top units are still insufficiently diverse, programs that were started in recent years in partnership with Rashi are changing the picture.

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