Driving Social Mobility Together

Today, the future of Israeli children is determined in large part by the environment in which they grew up. Changing this by working to promote social mobility and equal opportunity is the main mission of the Rashi Foundation, one of Israel’s leading private philanthropies.

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In Good Comapny

It’s time to change the equation – the place where you grew up should not determine your career prospects!

The Rashi Foundation has initiated varied programs, together with leading business companies and government ministries, to create employment opportunities for young people and residents of the periphery.

Join leading business companies that already partner with us to promote equal opportunities in Israeli society.


Reaching out

400,000 beneficiaries per year
75 philanthropic partners
The Rashi Network:
8 affiliate organizations
Projects in 170 municipalities across Israel
Collaboration with 10 government ministries

Rashi News

New beginnings, new opportunities

The Rashi Foundation wishes all its partners and friends a sweet new year, full of opportunities as a pomegranate is full of seeds!

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In search of the code

While parents in the center of the country debate how early should their kids learn to code, children in the periphery simply don’t have the same opportunities, says Sagy Bar, CEO of Rashi’s Cyber Education Center.

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A little big step

Passing the responsibility for daycare settings for children under 3 to the Ministry of Education has created for the first time a birth-to-18 continuum in education. The is a major milestone in closing the inequality gaps, but there are still many challenges ahead.

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