Mobility-oriented city

Ease of access is of utmost importance where opportunities for social mobility are concerned. Thus, the quality of municipal services has a direct impact not only on residents’ lives in the present, but also on their future prospects. Recognizing the potential of city-based intervention, we invest in strengthening social structures of local authorities in the periphery and building their capacity to provide opportunities to their residents – children in particular.

Selected programs

Community-based Infancy Initiative

Building an integrative framework at the municipal level to answer the needs of infants, toddlers and their parents, thereby ensuring children’s optimal development.

Communities of Practice in local government

Connecting professionals from different local authorities to facilitate sharing of knowledge and mutual learning, as the basis for improvement of municipal services.

City at the Center

Helping local authorities to develop a sustainable capacity for self-management and take the lead in maximizing cradle-to-career opportunities for residents.

STEM Ecosystem

A network linking all the relevant parties in and around the city in a collective effort to advance STEM education and development of 21st century skills.