Young adults and employment

Rashi’s programs for young adults acknowledge the need for support and guidance at this critical time of emerging autonomy. The need is especially acute for young people from underprivileged backgrounds, among them residents of the periphery and graduates of youth villages or out-of-home care. Our initiatives aim to help them shape their own future with personal empowerment and career-oriented higher education.

Selected programs

Education and employment

Katzir Scholarships

Comprehensive support allows underprivileged students to overcome financial, academic and social challenges that seem insurmountable and gain access to higher education.


Increasing the workforce diversity and the inclusion of under-represented groups in Israel’s high-tech industry by closing the built-in gap in their starting point.

Mentoring Initiative

A nationwide platform for programs that guide young people towards realizing their potential as independent adults through a significant relationship with volunteer mentors.

Yesodot Center

Leadership training for young men and women from all sectors of Israeli society in preparation for entering decision-making positions in the public service or civil society.


Building the capacity of local authorities to address the specific needs of young adults and provide them with opportunities for social mobility and community involvement.

Noor Initiative

Advancing young women in Arab society via community-based centers that combine individual and group activity and focus on social status, education and employment.


Creating a regional employment ecosystem to assist young adults in building career paths with training geared to future-oriented job opportunities

Career development for new immigrants

A range of services providing highly-qualified Olim with tools for realizing their career goals in Israel, thus facilitating their integration in all areas of life.


Gap year volunteer programs

Training, placing and guiding young people from different backgrounds in meaningful volunteer work, thereby helping to foster personal growth and build a shared civil society.

Social exit

Horizons to High-Tech

Initiated by Yehuda Zisapel, one of Israel’s first technology entrepreneurs, the program offers talented young people an opportunity to reach engineering or science studies, even if they don’t meet the admissions criteria or cannot afford the cost of higher education. Rashi operated the program from the pilot at the Technion through an expansion to additional universities, finally handing in over to the Council for Higher Education. Renamed “High-tech Achievements”, the program continues with funding by the Defense Ministry’s Discharged Soldiers Unit and the Prime Minister’s Office.