Family and community

Enlarging our perspective beyond individuals to their families and communities, we work to enhance the family’s inner resources and provide it with tools for self-reliance. This includes strengthening parents’ ability to fulfill the needs of their children with the assistance of community support systems.
In addition, our programs for people with disabilities facilitate their integration into the community as they reach a higher level of independence

Selected programs

Families at risk

Resilient community

Cross-sector collaboration to strengthen communities in the social-geographic periphery and promote their members’ mobility and quality of life from birth to old age.

Children in neglect

Designing a work model and practices for dealing with neglect, to ensure children’s wellbeing within the family by improving the ability of parents to answer their needs.

Families First

Implementing a new approach to poverty, where a mentor works together with the family to provide it with tools to change its situation through a multi-dimensional intervention plan.

Domestic violence counseling centers

Prevention and treatment centers that provide a comprehensive response under one roof and serve as a vital link in the continuum of emergency and community services.

Her Way

Advancing women victims of domestic violence towards economic independence through training and placement in high-tech.

Integration of people with special needs

Migdal Or

Developing and delivering services that support the integration people with blindness or visual impairment in the community by acquiring skills for self-reliance in all areas of life.

Additional programs

Women’s shelter

The shelter for women victims of domestic violence in Be’er Sheva was built by Rashi’s initiative to enable optimal treatment for more families, including a special wing for women with teenage children. Yahdav Association, which is part of the Rashi Network, operates the shelter along with a transition house supporting women on the road to independence.

Sheltered employment and housing

The community-based employment and housing programs Yahdav Association operates in the southern region, from Be’er Sheva to Eilat, provide hundreds of people with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities with personalized support according to their needs.