Her Way

Advancing women victims of domestic violence towards economic independence through training and placement in high-tech.


Lack of economic independence is a major obstacle for women wishing to break out of an abusive relationship and start a new chapter in life. Knowing that gainful employment is the key to economic independence, we saw the need for career training that is adapted to the life circumstances of these women and the unique challenges they face.

Her Way is a joint initiative of Rashi, Google and the Welfare Ministry, in partnership with the Schusterman Foundation and the Guardian General, focusing on career opportunities in high-tech – a field with good job security and earning potential.

The program targets women from all sectors of Israeli society, who are being treated through community services such as the municipal centers for treatment and prevention of domestic violence, or are nearing the end of their stay in a shelter of transitional housing. Its components are:

  • Preparatory program to strengthen qualifications (technical English, computer applications) as well as personal and interpersonal skills
  • Professional training courses to earn certification in high-demand fields: network administrator, data analyst, customer success manager, etc.
  • Placement – introduction to potential employers and guidance during the application process and the first months on the job
  • Social and personal support throughout the program, including group activity and assistance in overcoming individual difficulties

The pilot program consists of 4-5 courses, each with up to 20 participants. The courses combine frontal and online teaching, and the tuition is fully subsidized.

Interested in employing the program graduates? Contact us by e-mail: avishagp@rashi.org.il



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