The Rashi Network

The Rashi foundation is a unique organization within Israel’s civil society; it is actually not a single organization but a network comprised of a main headquarters office and eight affiliated nonprofit associations.
While the headquarters provides broad organizational and professional infrastructure and has a comprehensive view of the network’s activity, the affiliates specialize in different fields and regions. They are responsible for operating many of Rashi’s initiatives, along with additional programs in partnership with government ministries, municipalities and philanthropies.
Advancing synergy through cooperation and coordination, the Rashi network increases the overall impact and helps to advance our mission – creating opportunities and driving social mobility.

לוגו בית יציב - חינוך, תרבות, אירוח
Beit Yatziv

Children of all ages experience the world of science in STEM enrichment programs operated by Beit Yatziv, giving them a head start on the way to becoming Israel’s next generation of science and tech innovators.

Cyber Education Center

The goal of the Cyber Education Center is to provide opportunities for high-grade training in cyber and technology fields, especially for youth in the periphery, as a lever for closing social and gender gaps.

לוגו עמותת גבהים

Gvahim is committed to encouraging Aliyah and to enabling career success for new immigrants. It provides program participants with lectures and workshops, consultations, mentorship, introduction to Israeli companies and networking opportunities to facilitate their integration into Israel's economy and society.

לוגו עמותת מרכז מעשה

Using volunteering programs as a tool for advancing equal opportunities and social mobility, Ma'ase Association accompanies thousands of young people every year through a journey of personal growth and empowerment.

לוגו עמותת יעדים לצפון
Northern Goals

The Northern Goals Association develops and implements culturally-sensitive social services to address the needs of the highly diverse population of northern Israel, from young children and their parents to impoverished families and visually impaired people.

לוגו עמותת אופק

Ofek Association engages young people in meaningful volunteering activity that is relevant to their lives and has an impact on their future, offering them opportunities for personal development and optimal integration in society.

לוגו עמותת תפנית בחינוך

Hundreds of thousands of kindergarten and school children benefit from an enhanced learning environment through Tafnit Association's school-based programs offering educational enrichment, individual social and emotional support, and personalized coaching for the school faculty.

לוגו עמותת יחדיו

Working in southern localities, Yahdav Association supports at-risk children, youth and families, special-needs people, and other under-served populations through a wide range of community-based social welfare services.