The Power of Partnership

Rashi believes that working together with partners is the best way to create effective systemic change. Partnerships, and cross-sector collaboration in particular, form the basis for developing initiatives, scaling them and advancing then towards sustainability.
Among our partners are government ministries, municipalities, philanthropies, civil society organizations, and the business sector. The overall impact is multiplied when the partners combine their strengths while simultaneously pooling and leveraging their resources.

Join us!

Aiming to broaden the network of partners and its influence, we build or join coalitions focusing on specific issues, such as early childhood or STEM education; participate in public councils, round tables and other forums; and support collective impact initiatives.

The professional and organizational capabilities of Rashi allow the foundation to act as an ideal platform for realizing social ventures. The advantages we offer to our partners include extensive on-the-ground experience, long-standing relationship with government agencies and local authorities, and professional services such as: social R&D, evaluation, financial administration, legal consultation, IT systems, marketing communications and more.