Advancing Policy Change

Social mobility as a national goal

A new agenda

The Rashi Foundation combines its extensive field work in capacity building and social infrastructure with efforts to influence public discourse, national priorities and policy, especially regarding education and welfare issues. Our aim is to propose a new agenda for Israel, focused on promoting social mobility as a national goal.

Changing social policy is a complex task that requires activity on many fronts. This includes, for example:

 – Writing position papers that present an analysis of various fields and issues alongside operational recommendations;
– Meeting with policy makers on the national and local levels to gain their support;
– Building cross-sector coalitions for joint action;
– Using media channels to affect public awareness and opinion.

Our field initiatives often serve as another path for policy change, when they develop models or examine new concepts which are intended to become part of the national system of services, after proving their effectiveness.

Springboard to Social Mobility

Rashi’s Springboard to Social Mobility campaign is designed to bring the crucial need for increasing social mobility to the top of the public agenda.

As part of the campaign we drafted a policy brief with recommendations for steps the Israeli government can take, giving all Israeli children, regardless of where they grew up or how much their parents earn, the opportunity to realize their abilities and aspirations.

We believe adopting these policies will directly affect the future of the younger generation in Israel’s periphery and their chances of achieving social-economic mobility.

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Policy Goals: Focus Areas

Early childhood
  • High-quality, supervised and subsidized education and care for all children from birth to age 3
  • Universal access to professional child development services
Employment and workers' skills
  • Policy change with regard to the scope and nature of vocational training
  • Advancing the preparedness of Israeli society for a changing world of work
  • Expanding volunteer activity and increasing its effectiveness as a renewable social resource
  • Developing models and national programs to promote volunteering