Social Innovation Accelerator

Rashi Foundation’s approach to social entrepreneurship combines innovative thinking, professional expertise and cross-sector collaboration into a proven strategy for achieving sustainable impact.

Rashi acts as a ‘startup accelerator’, developing educational and social initiatives into programs and services that address some of Israel’s most pressing challenges. These initiatives are based on ground-breaking concepts and models that set new standards in their field.

The models we develop are tested in pilot programs; after demonstrating their feasibility we scale them and ensure their sustainability, often as state-funded public services.

Always striving to advance social goals in the most effective way, we are also exploring the application of innovative tools such impact investments and social businesses.

From Concept to Reality

Indetifying needs

Developing solutions

Pilot to test feasibility

Implementation and evaluation

Scaling up and ensuring sustainability

Case studies

Examples of initiatives to develop models into nationwide programs and services

City-based strategy

Helping municipalities take the lead in maximizing social mobility opportunities for residents

Impact investments

Feasibility studies for tackling social challenges through the “pay for success” model