Solutions for Society

In view of the leading role of the Rashi Foundation in Israel’s civil society, we have undertaken as part of our mission to support other NGOs and social initiatives. The solutions we develop allow us to leverage the knowledge and capabilities of Rashi’s team to provide services that drive social change.

TechSoup Israel

TechSoup is a global social initiative that makes capacity-building technology tools affordable and accessible to nonprofit organizations, thereby helping to maximize their impact. Rashi joined the TechSoup Global Network to manage its operation in Israel, connecting local nonprofits with providers of technology solutions and services.

Social IT

During the implementation of our initiatives we often recognize the need for a system that supports data-based management and decision-making, enabling more effective delivery of quality social services. Rashi’s IT department has expertise in building custom-designed IT systems, including Business Intelligence solutions for analyzing data and gaining real-time insights.

"Good Company"

The Capital Projects Department of Rashi specializes in managing the construction of education and welfare facilities in the periphery. The department assists social and public bodies lacking the professional resources to manage capital projects on their own.
“Good Company” is the platform we use to provide services to NGOs, municipalities etc, – programmatic design, supervision of planning and implementation, legal guidance, budget monitoring, and contacts with stakeholders such as donors, regulators and public authorities.