Early Childhood

The first years of life are a crucial period in child development, when foundations are laid for well-being and achievements throughout life. As such, Rashi has undertaken to make high quality early childhood services more widely accessible, particularly in the periphery. We invest in building a comprehensive system of community-based services for young children and their parents, as well as in enriching the educational environment to encourage learning through play.

Selected programs

Community-based Infancy Initiative

Building an integrative framework at the municipal level to answer the needs of infants, toddlers and their parents, thereby ensuring children’s optimal development.

Child development support systems

Ensuring access to high-quality professional services addressing the needs of children with developmental delays in the geographic and social periphery.

Early Childhood Programs

A continuum of community-based programs and services for young children, parents and professionals, often operating within a multi-disciplinary early childhood center.


Introducing kindergarten children to a STEM-enriched environment develops their scientific and technological literacy along with an appetite for learning more.