פרנסואה לוואן, הנהלת קרן רש"י
François Leven
François Leven

As President of Rashi, François heads the Foundation's advisory board abroad. Following the family tradition of community service, he sits on the board of Alliance Israélite Universelle and is also a board member of the Girsa Alliance School in Geneva. Before retiring from the business world to devote his time to social issues, François specialized in equity markets and in private banking, managing assets and offering family office services.

שאול שני, יו"ר קרן רש"י
Shaul Shani
Shaul Shani

Shaul Shani is a leading figure in the business and philanthropic communities in Israel, who for over four decades has applied his talents to strengthening the country’s economy and society. Highlights of his business career include his founding and co-founding of highly successful global technology and investment companies.

הוברט לוואן, הנהלת קרן רש"י
Hubert Leven
Honorary President
Hubert Leven
Honorary President

Hubert Leven, the nephew of Rashi's founder Gustave Leven, has led the Foundation as President since its establishment in 1984 until October 2018. He continues to be involved in the Foundation activity and contribute his experience, while also serving as Vice-President of Alliance Israelite Universelle and as a member of the Board of KIAH (Kol Israel Haverim). In his professional career, Hubert was CEO of a Parisian brokerage firm and served on the executive board of Source Perrier.

מיכל כהן, מנכ"לית קרן רש"י
Michal Cohen
General Director
Michal Cohen
General Director

Michal Cohen served as Director General of the Education Ministry for four years, and earlier filled different roles in the public service, among them the Ministry's Senior Deputy Director and Director of the Pedagogic Administration. During her career, she has led large-scale pedagogic and structural reforms and innovative initiatives.
Michal holds an MA degree in education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a diploma in Organizational Consultation for Education Systems from Tel Aviv University, as well as MA in Law from Bar Ilan University.

Members of the Association

The Team

לירון עזריאל

Liron Azriel

Senior VP

מיכל קלמן אביטל, סמנכ"לית שותפויות

Michal Kelman Avital

VP, Partnerships

יעל בלה אבני, סמנכ"לית תכניות

Yael Bala Avni

VP, Programs

עמרי זגן

Omri Zegen

VP, Research & Development

עינב אלפסי קרסנטי, סמנכ"לית שיווק ותקשורת

Einav Elfassi Karasenty

VP, Marketing & Communication

טלי סופרין

Tali Sofrin

Legal Advisor

דסי פרבשטיין, מנהלת מחלקת כספים

Dasi Farbstein

Director of Finance

אייל לר

Eyal Lehr

Director of Capital projects

זהבה בן עמי

Zehava Ben Ami

Director of HR

יניב זהבי

Yaniv Zehavi

Director of Purchasing and Operation

ארז רואימי

Erez Roimi

Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

רותם עזר אליהו

Rotem Azar Eliyahu

Director of Early Childhood programs

נתנאל טויטו

Nathanael Touitou

City at the Center Initiative