Introducing kindergarten children to a STEM-enriched environment develops their scientific and technological literacy along with an appetite for learning more.

Preschool years are the time when children are naturally curious, inventive and creative, spontaneously exploring the world around them and learning through play. Enriching the kindergarten environment with STEM-related experiences cultivates children’s inquisitive thinking and encourages them to acquire the knowledge, tools and skills that will have a huge impact on their future.

The MadaKids program is uniquely designed to introduce kindergarten children to the world of science and technology through interactive activities, hands-on lessons and experiments. The program develops the children’s scientific and technological literacy, along with an interest and a passion for learning, so that they can enter elementary school ready and eager to build on their basic knowledge.

The pilot program, launched in partnership with Lockheed Martin, includes preschools in Be’er Sheva, Kiryat Malachi and Jerusalem. These preschools are equipped with computers, robotics sets, chemistry experiment kits and more, and have a rich curriculum of STEM studies taught by specially trained kindergarten teachers using the inquiry-based learning approach.

By demonstrating the effectiveness of the program, we hope that it will eventually be adopted by many more kindergartens across Israel as a model for STEM education and development of 21st century skills in early childhood.



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Operating body

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