Carasso Science Park

The interactive exhibits of the science museum invite visitors, and particularly school children from across the southern region, to discover scientific principles and their connection to our daily lives.

The Carasso Science Park in Be’er Sheva is the biggest and newest science museum in Israel. It was built as part of Rashi’s emphasis on providing children in the periphery with opportunities to excel, particularly in STEM fields. The Park is located within a campus named after Rashi’s founder Gustave Leven, together with the adjacent Beit Yatziv.

Visitors to the Park are invited to experiment and discover scientific principles through interactive exhibits covering a broad range of subjects from unique perspectives that illustrate their connection to our daily lives. Among the topics: light and sound, genetics, communication, microelectronics, nuclear energy, and more. The facilities also include a special toddlers’ area, a 3D printing lab and an outdoor science playground.

Tens of thousands of school children from across the southern region arrive every year at the educational center operating within the park. Targeting mainly elementary and junior high school students, the center tailors programming for each group which is adapted to and complements the school curriculum. These hands-on programs include guided tours of the science exhibitions and laboratory experiments, including recent scientific developments, igniting curiosity and inspiration among the visitors.



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Operating body

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