An enrichment program in computers and technology for junior high-school students that introduces them to up-to-date technologies while developing self-learning and teamwork skills.

StarTech is an enrichment program in computers and technology for junior high-school boys and girls (7th-9th grade). Previous knowledge is not required, only curiosity and motivation to explore the role of technology in our lives.

Developed by the Cyber Education Center, this unique program offers participants many opportunities to express their abilities and ideas. They acquire practical tools in various fields: writing code in different programming languages, creating computer games, computer graphics and mobile apps, and other up-to-date technologies. In addition to know-how, there is an emphasis on personal development – nurturing a sense of capability, self-learning, teamwork, research skills and more.

Studies take place in weekly after-school sessions, with instructors who are college or university students in computer science or software engineering programs. StarTech classes operate in dozens of communities across Israel, especially where youth have limited access to enrichment programs in the fields of technology and computers – a world full of challenges and opportunities.



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Operating body

Operating body

Cyber Education Center

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