Providing teenage girls with knowledge and skills in cyber and computers that they can apply in technology assignments in military or civil service, and eventually in high-tech careers

The benefits of encouraging teenage girls to enter the fields of computers and cyber are manifold. Providing opportunities for young women to develop their talents in these fields, thereby closing the gender gap in high-tech, will help both to promote social mobility in Israel and to fuel the growth of the country’s technology-driven economy.

Mamriot (‘taking off’ in Hebrew) is a unique program targeting high school girls, which was developed especially for them by the Cyber Education Center in collaboration with the IDF Intelligence Corps. Over 2.5 years, the girls have weekly afternoon sessions in small groups where they get personal attention. The course covers a broad range of subjects, from computer networks to coding in several programming languages and cybersecurity research. It puts emphasis on skills and tools for independent learning and team work, and includes special events, summer camps, visits to high-tech companies, and more.

In addition to the basic program, Mamriot has a separate track for girls from the Zionist religious sector. This “sister” program allows the participants to acquire high-level technological knowledge in an environment that is sensitive to their background, and strengthens their sense of mission in filling meaningful roles in National Service.

After an initial period of operation on a limited scale, the program is being expanded in an accelerated process that will bring it to a nationwide scope within three years.



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