Migdal Or

Developing and delivering services that support the integration people with blindness or visual impairment in the community by acquiring skills for self-reliance in all areas of life.

Migdal Or (“lighthouse” in Hebrew) is a leading center in the development and delivery of services that support the integration of blind and visually impaired people in the community. With the goal of enabling service recipients to realize their full potential, its programming focuses on helping them to become self-reliant in day-to-day life and to gain work skills.

Rehabilitative instruction, the main service in the area of life skills, is available to visually impaired people of all ages, wherever they need it: at home, in the neighborhood, at work or at school. The instruction covers topics such as orientation and mobility, self-care, household chores, communication, recreation and leisure, as well as specialized guidance for young children and their families. The dormitories on the main campus and the training apartments in the community are also part of the preparation for leading an independent life.

The multi-disciplinary team of Migdal Or specializes in assessment and in building a personalized program that gives people with blindness or visual impairment the tools they need for vocational training, academic studies and employment. The main campus and branches across the country offer courses in Hebrew, English and Braille, along with training in using computers and a broad range of assistive technology devices and applications.



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