Building the capacity of local authorities to design and implement strategic plans that address the specific needs of young adults and provide opportunities for social mobility and community involvement.

Young adults (18-30) comprise approximately 25% of Israel’s population. During this period they face major decisions with lifelong impact, but many lack the guidance and support that could help them make optimal decisions. There is a need for specialized frameworks that offer solutions to young adults in areas of life such as education, employment, parenting and so on, as well as opportunities for community involvement.

The local authority is a key player in reaching out to young adults. The city is their main “service provider”, and the quality of these services directly affects the opportunities for social mobility they have. At the same time, this group represents an important resource for the city’s future leadership and social resilience.

In light of the above, Rashi joined the Gandyr Foundation and the Ministry for Social Equality in an initiative to advance young adults by working at the city level. The Ma’ale initiative aims to strengthen the capability of local authorities to design and implement policy based on an understanding of the specific needs of this population, creating an environment where young adults can thrive.

The pilot program targets 12 localities, offering guidance and professional tools for building strategic plans in the field of young adults. These plans include mapping of all the relevant players and activities; coordinating between the different elements of the local system; and drafting a multi-year work plan.

The experience gained through work on the local model will feed the learning process and serve as the basis for nationwide expansion led by the Young Adults Authority at the Ministry for Social Equality. In addition, the initiative will invest in establishing a training program for municipal professionals and staff, and a community of practice for learning and sharing of knowledge, as well as in developing national infrastructure for advancement of this field.



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