Noor Initiative

Advancing young women in Arab society via community-based centers that combine individual and group activity and focus on social status, education and employment.


Many teenage girls and young women in Arab society feel conflicted about their identity as women in a minority group wavering between conservative, traditional values and the modern world. The unique difficulties they face are indicated, for example, by a lack of basic skills such as a driver’s license and literacy in both Hebrew and English; limited access to higher education and to meaningful employment; and a high rate of premature marriage.

The Noor (‘light’ in Arabic) Initiative was launched in response to the large gap between the needs of this population and the available solutions. Its goal is to develop a model of intervention to advance young Arab women (ages 16-25) who experience social, economic or personal difficulties and have few opportunities, but are also strongly motivated to change their lives and fulfill their aspirations. The initiative aims to advance and empower them in all dimensions, including personal and emotional situation, financial independence, leadership and social involvement.

The pilot program is community-based, with a holistic center in each locality providing a range of services addressing the most acute needs and obstacles – social status, education and employment. The centers’ activity combines individual and group work and includes life skills workshops, matriculation and psychometric exam studies, vocational guidance and training, and more. After operation in seven communities over four years, the Ministry of Welfare will take full responsibility for nationwide implementation.



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