Mentoring Initiative

A nationwide platform for programs that guide young people towards realizing their potential as independent adults through a significant relationship with volunteer mentors.

Emerging adulthood (18-26) is a crucial phase when people become more independent and explore life possibilities, but have no formal system of support. This is a challenging period for every young person, but even more so for those who lack personal and social resources.

“Mekusharim” (‘connected’ in Hebrew) is a mentoring initiative that helps at-risk young people build a positive view of themselves and their future, through a meaningful relationship with an adult acting as a sympathetic ear and sounding board.

The mentors are volunteers who share their knowledge and life experience to guide the mentees towards reaching their full potential as self-reliant and proactive adults. The guidance involves all areas of life, with a focus on practical life skills, assistance in problem-solving and decision-making, and emotional support. The mentors themselves receive training and guidance in connecting with the young adults they accompany.

This pilot program, intended to design models for optimal operation of mentoring programs, is implemented as part of the National Program for Young Adults at Risk (Yated), in partnership with the Ministry of Social Services, JDC-Ashalim and the Israel Volunteering Network.



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