Increasing the workforce diversity and the inclusion of under-represented groups in Israel’s high-tech industry by closing the built-in gap in their starting point.

PreTech is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Labor, Rashi, Google Israel, Beyachad Foundation and Crown Family Philanthropies whose goal is to increase the workforce diversity and the inclusion of under-represented groups in Israel’s high-tech industry. It is designed to extend opportunities to those who are not believed to have the ability for high-tech careers, either by themselves or by training bodies and employers.

The initiative includes different tracks adapted to young adults from various population groups – Arab and Haredi societies, Ethiopian Israelis, periphery residents and women, all aimed at closing the built-in gap in their starting point.

The program operates in several stages:

  • Exposure – online sessions for large audiences, providing introduction to high-tech and addressing concerns and false perceptions. Participants interested in continuing to the next stage are asked to fill in a registration form and to complete an aptitude assignment.
  • Springboard – work in small groups for those who passed the initial screening (assignment and interview), to build their sense of capability, strengthen ‘soft’ skills and get a taste of the actual field. At the end of this stage they undergo vocational assessment.
  • Pre-training – this is the core of the program, intended to prepare the participants for academic or extra-academic studies in technology fields. It includes acquiring key skills such as independent learning, teamwork and networking; completing education in English, math and computer applications; tours, lectures and hands-on experience.

Graduates will receive personalized guidance and referral to further studies in academic institutes, technological colleges or certification courses that will qualify them for employment in high-tech.



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