Yesodot Center

for public service

Leadership training for young men and women from all sectors of Israeli society in preparation for entering decision-making positions in the public service or civil society.

Many populations in Israeli society are still under-represented in leadership positions and among policy makers. Such representation is crucial for building trust in the decision-making process, as well as for designing optimal policies and creating effective public services.

Yesodot (“foundations” in Hebrew) Center seeks to advance diversity and inclusion in the public service, while positioning it as a major career channel for making an impact on and contributing to society. Moreover, the Center aims to shape the civil servant as a person working – whether in government agencies, local authorities or civil society organizations – to improve the delivery of services, close gaps and promote social mobility.

Yesodot Center operates on two levels:

  • Training young men and women (22-35) to enter public service, in a range of programs for different target populations. Alongside the group activities – academic studies, seminars, workshop and tours focusing on key social issues in Israel – the participants receive individual guidance to help them realize their potential. The programs stress diversity and inclusion of all parts of Israeli society, with an emphasis on the social and geographic periphery.
  • Working with youth and young adults (15-25) in educational frameworks such as youth movements and pre-army, gap year and leadership programs. The activities include tours, lectures and workshops that are designed to acquaint the participants with the public systems and increase their trust in these systems.

The Center is based on a cross-sector partnership of government agencies and NGOs: Israel Atudot Divison at the Prime Minister’s Office, the Civil Service Commission, the Ministry for Social Equality, the Ministry for Development of the Periphery, Gandyr Foundation, Menomadin Foundation.


The first training program of the Center is a 3-month leadership course for a diverse group of young adults. The graduates join the Yesod Fellows Network, whose members continue to learn while cooperating and assisting each other in their work as public servants.

A 6-month training programs targeting young adults from Druze communities. Its goal is to create a cadre of young leaders who know and are proud of their community’ heritage, and to provide opportunities for them to reach decision-making positions in the public service.

A training program for students working in the Civil Service, which aims to provide them with tools and skills and encourage them to pursue a career in the Service after graduation, thus building a leadership group of highly professional and dedicated public servants.



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