Katzir Scholarships

Comprehensive support allows underprivileged students to overcome financial, academic and social challenges that seem insurmountable and gain access to higher education.

The Katzir Scholarship Program increases access to higher education as a key to social mobility, focusing on groups such as single mothers and at-risk young adults, for whom the financial, academic and social challenges of higher education can seem insurmountable and prevent even the most capable from pursuing a college degree.

Katzir’s holistic approach provides students with comprehensive assistance throughout their academic studies. In addition to tuition fees and a living stipend, they enjoy academic reinforcement, personal coaching, social-cultural enrichment, and even material aid if necessary. Thanks to this comprehensive support, Katzir students have a significantly higher chance of graduating and earning an academic degree, compared to other students from a similar background.

Single mothers
Inadequate education and lack of work experience are just a few of the obstacles that block single mothers from joining the workforce, and particularly from well-paid and stable jobs. Thus, single-parent families are more likely to live in poverty and to lack the ability to break the cycle.

Our scholarship program allows single parents (mostly women) to improve their socioeconomic situation by acquiring employment-oriented higher education. Operating in partnership with the Ministry of Social Services, it puts an emphasis on the professional advancement and improved career prospects of the participants.

At-risk young adults
Some 200,000 Israeli young adults aged 18-26, many of them graduates of youth villages or out-of-home care with no family support, struggle to build economic, social and emotional resilience.

The scholarship program, in partnership with Yated – Israel’s National Program for Young Adults at Risk – offers personalized support in overcoming obstacles and advances its participants towards rewarding employment following their college education.



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