WORKIT- Employment Zone

Creating a region-wide employment ecosystem to assist young adults in building career paths with training geared to future-oriented job opportunities.


Along with the challenges of the changing world of work, Israel must also cope with the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis that caused widespread unemployment, especially among young adults and residents of the periphery.

WORKIT, a joint initiative of Rashi and the Israel Employment Service, in based on the understanding that in order to advance career opportunities effectively, it is necessary to adopt a region-wide perspective.

The goal of the initiative is to design and operate a regional model that addresses the employment crisis with short-term as well as long-term solutions. The model focuses on bringing together all the relevant players to help young people gain placement-oriented vocational training and skills.

In creating a career development ecosystem, WORKIT uses the existing infrastructure of the Israel Employment Service and enhances it with an additional layer of a region-wide community connecting employers, job seekers and local authorities. This community will advance collaborations to maximize the local and regional resources and remove obstacles.

The initiative combines activity on the individual, local, regional and national levels:

  • Providing training tracks that can be adapted to individual needs and to the local and regional opportunities, with an emphasis on inclusion of all the players in the region and on development of long-term career path.
  • Forming local employment-driving forums and expanding the solutions for job seekers within the local authority.
  • Building the regional ecosystem and communities of job seekers, employers and providers of training programs.
  • Creating broad cross-sector partnerships and developing knowledge, tools and infrastructure for applying the region-based approach to employment across the country.





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