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#3. Rich kid smart kid?

What’s the chance of a child who grew up in the periphery to reach a career in STEM fields, and how is it connected to the fact that no classes for gifted students were opened in the south in 2018? With Na’ama Bar Shalom, manager of Rashi’s STEM Ecosystem initiative. (in Hebrew)


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Recognizing the potential of experiential education to drive social mobility, the Rashi Foundation has decided to invest in this field as a core area of its work in Israel’s periphery.

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The teaching crisis affects directly not only the teachers but also the students. Despite the consensus on the need for change, we are still far from turning the agreement into action.

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Time and again, the discourse on a reform in the education system focuses only on teachers’ wages, putting off the fundamental issue of their status until a future time that never comes.

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