A large-scale project to promote STEM education in the southern region via a continuum of formal and informal education programs, from kindergarten to high school. After being developed as a joint initiative of Rashi and the Ministry of Education, the Ministry took over and even duplicated the model in the northern region.

Related programs

Odyssey (Future Scientists and Inventors)

Aiming to nurture Israel’s future scientific-technological leadership, the program invites exceptionally talented youth to develop their knowledge and capabilities through academic-level studies and research. Taking it from startup to an established program, Rashi handed it over to the Maimonides Fund’s Future Scientists Center for advancement of talented and gifted youth.

Darca School Network

Darca was established in 2011 in partnership with Alliance-KIAH in order to create opportunities in education for high school students in the periphery and in socioeconomically weak cities. It is ranked now among the best school networks in Israel and has recruited strategic partners that ensure its continued activity for years to come.

School Lunch program

The program that provides a nutritious meal as an essential part of an extended school day was launched following a pilot initiated by Rashi and the National Insurance Institute. Tafnit Association of the Rashi Network operated the program in its first stage, when it expanded to reach hundreds of thousands of children and its sustainability was secured through the Daily School Lunch Law of 2005.