Extended school day for children who need extra support, with lunch, educational reinforcement, enrichment and individual treatment; operated by Tafnit Association as part of a nationwide program of the Ministry of Education.

Related programs

Karev program

Incorporating a wide range of enrichment activities into the school day for kindergarten and elementary school children; a nationwide program of the Ministry of Education operated jointly by Tafnit Association and the Association of Community Centers.

Start Matriculation Program

An accelerated learning method for narrowing gaps allows under-achieving students who are on the verge of dropping out to graduate from high school with a matriculation diploma.

Jusidman Center for science-oriented youth

Built at Ben-Gurion University in partnership between Rashi, Keren Daniel, the Ministry of Education and the municipality of Be’er Sheva, the Center is home to all the University’s youth programs and serves as a model for the involvement of academic institutes in advancing STEM education for school students.