Ne'urim Centers

Community centers for youth and young adults in Druze society offering informal activity to build personal capabilities along with leadership and social involvement.

The Ne’urim (‘youth’ in Hebrew) program aims to help the younger generation in Druze society cope with the challenges associated with the passage from traditional to modern society. The program targets youth and young adults (13-25) and promotes leadership, excellence and equal opportunity via informal activity in community centers in all 16 Druze communities in the Galilee.

More than 3,000 youngsters in 7th-12th grade take part in the program, which focuses on personal development alongside community involvement. The activities offered by the centers include narrowing educational gaps, personal empowerment workshops, enrichment programs, volunteering and community initiatives, learning about Druze history and heritage, and more.

Young women are another target group playing a key role in the centers’ programming. High school graduates volunteering as counselors and students who take part in carrying out community projects in return for scholarships, these young women acquire skills and tools for personal advancement while they work.



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Operating body

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