Community Anchor Youth Village

A unique youth village offering several complementary services for youth in different risk situations, without cutting them off from the family and the surrounding community.

The Goldberg Community Anchor Village is a unique facility where several complementary services for youth at risk come together to create a continuity of care. The village was established by Rashi in order to provide solutions for youth in various situations without cutting them off from their family and the surrounding community. It also addresses the needs of parents and serves as a professional knowledge hub for bodies working with youth in the community.

The village serves some 700 youngsters and families per year in different frameworks:

Group homes for teenage boys and girls who were removed from their homes

After-school center for youth who need support while living at home

Parent-adolescent center helping families cope with the challenges of the teenage years

Multi-purpose day center (Meitar) for reintegrating school dropouts

Emergency hostel offering immediate support to youth in crisis situations, until a long-term solution is found

In addition, graduate apartments were set up outside of the village for young adults without family support. Counselors from the village provide them with guidance while they are in military or national service, and assist with their integration into the community after completing their service.



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Operating body

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