Initiated as part of our efforts to advance gender equality in high-tech, the Shift community empowers technology-oriented teenage girls by sharing experience, peer learning and meeting role models.

Israel’s high-tech sector, while enjoying worldwide recognition, is still largely a “men’s club” where women are a small minority. The Shift community (previously called CyberGirlz) was started by Rashi’s Cyber Education Center as part of our efforts to advance gender equality in high-tech. Its programming is based on the understanding that in order to make a significant impact, we must introduce girls to the world of cyber technology as early as possible.

The goal of Shift is to encourage teenage girls to major in computer science and other technology subjects in high school, and to support those who choose to do so, building their confidence and motivation to pursue tech careers as they grow up – from the IDF cyber units through academic studies to the high-tech industry.

The community was conceived as a social network for sharing experience, peer learning and enrichment. Its members enjoy a variety of online and “real-world” activities, among them hackathons, visits at high-tech companies, meetings with successful women in the field, study marathons ahead of matriculation exams in computer science, and an online forum offering professional support.



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