Leadership Training for the Social Sector

Israeli society is trying to recover after the terrorist attack of October 7 and the outbreak of war. In the midst of the crisis, civil society organizations quickly filled the vacuum with relevant initiatives and played a crucial role as a platform for volunteering. Now, more than ever, managers in the social field are required to cope with the new challenges and demonstrate leadership in the complex situation we are facing.

Our Vision

We believe that the people who lead an organization are the key to its significance and strength. The Reisheet program is a unique initiative of Rashi to cultivate agents of change in the social sector, so that they will be able to lead with confidence based on clear professional standards and values.


Advancing professional management in the social sector

Developing leadership in the social sector

Building the capacity to drive social mobility

Leveraging connections and collaborations in the social field

About the training program

Duration – May 2024 – March 2024, in an OJT format.

Program components
1. Intensive group sessions – 16 monthly sessions, one or two days at a time (with sleepover)
2. Peer learning – 6 hours + 2 tour days
3. Special educational tour to deepen the understanding of the social field

Contents: strengthening managerial confidence, practices and tools: policy and strategy, growth mindset, dealing with uncertainty, cultivating partnerships, motivating teams, resource management, patterns interruption.
In addition: constructive discourse and creation of a professional peer network.

Applicants must be:
• Managers in high or mid-level positions
• Managers with a significant impact in their organization or field
• Team leaders
• With 3 years or more of managerial experience
• Acceptance to the program is based on a selection process

Admission stages
Online application questionnaire
• In-depth questionnaire
• Personal interview

Applicants must pass each stage before moving on to the next.