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A large-scale educational initiative to promote equal opportunity for youth in the periphery and populations under-represented in Israel’s high-tech sector, aiming to pave their way to a career in technology fields.

hello tech is a joint initiative of Rashi and Google whose goal is to give youth the opportunity, as well as the tools and skills they need in order to succeed in a technology-rich world, and to equip them for future careers in the Israeli high-tech industry.

The initiative combines Rashi’s experience in developing social ventures with the technological knowledge and human capital of Google, together with the expertise of the Cyber Education Center and Moona Association in promoting tech education for youth.

the program is intended for secondary school students, and it will be implemented in close cooperation with local authorities, both Jewish and Arab. In each participating locality, the program will include all the junior high school students. Its components are:

  • Studies of technology subjects to gain knowledge and skills, with an emphasis on inspiring and motivational content
  • Exposure to challenges at the forefront of the high-tech world
  • Practicing spoken English
  • Guidance for 10th grade students who choose technology fields as high school major
  • Working with the community, teachers and parents to raise awareness and create a supportive environment
  • Google employees will accompany the young participants and introduce them to the many opportunities offered by the high-tech industry


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Operating body

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