Advancing elementary schools in the periphery with a range of complementary solutions including managerial guidance, educational reinforcement and individual therapies for children with emotional difficulties.


The Revadim Initiative was developed by Rashi and its affiliate Tafnit Association as part of our efforts to advance low-performing elementary schools through comprehensive interventions. Seeking to close educational gaps, these interventions view the school as a community led by a team committed to improving students’ achievements.

The initiative supports its schools in several areas with the goal of enhancing the capabilities of the faculty, the school atmosphere and the students’ grades in core subjects. This includes providing guidance for organization and management, educational reinforcement, individual therapies and connection with the parents and the larger community. The work plan for each school is based on in-depth mapping and takes into account its specific needs, as well as its educational vision.

By providing individual therapy, Revadim addresses one of the most critical needs in the education system, particularly in schools with underprivileged students. The emotional difficulties children cope with affect not only their own school performance, but also the class and the entire school. The solutions the initiative offers, in combination with the educational reinforcement, are a valuable resource with a significant impact on the schools.

Evaluation reports and the results of nationwide exams show a marked improvement in Revadim schools, both for each school over time and in comparison to the national average. The effect of the emotional support is evident in aspects such as improved classroom behavior and interaction between students.



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Operating body

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