Pedagogic Network for Elementary Schools

Intensive pedagogic coaching for the teams in low-performing elementary schools builds their capability to lead change and provide top-quality education for all their students.


Research shows that the quality of teaching has a major impact on children’s academic achievements, and that providing high-quality education early-on increases its impact.

The large gaps in school performance in Israel are closely linked to the schools’ socioeconomic environment, and directly affect the academic outcomes of students as well as their social and emotional capabilities. Out of 2,000 elementary schools, some 400 are classified as low-performing (“red”) schools; most of them are in the geographic and social periphery. 

The Pedagogic Network initiative targets “red” elementary schools, aiming to turn them into schools that provide top-quality education and equal opportunity for all of their students. It operates as a pedagogic support system that helps the school build its own capabilities, which are the key to long-term change. Accordingly, the initiative provides intensive faculty training, and invests additional resources in addressing students’ emotional, social and educational needs, both individually and in small groups.

This model, developed by Rashi with its affiliate Tafnit Association and with 1World, is based on knowledge gained through other educational interventions in Israel and in the USA, particularly the KIPP school network.

In each school, an instructional coach works with the principal and the teachers to incorporate innovative teaching techniques and improve pedagogic and organizational practices, aiming to provide tools and skills that will continue to serve the school long after the end of the intervention.

Moreover, the initiative connects the schools into a pedagogic network developing knowledge, tools and best practices, and serving as an educational “laboratory” for the development of an effective holistic model to advance schools across the country.



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Operating body

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