equal opportunity


The only way to help those who can't make a living in a post-corona world is to provide retraining for employment in relevant new fields

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With equal access to remote learning and more autonomy to the municipalities, the coronavirus crisis can lead to a better education system

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There is almost no need to explain why equal opportunities in education are essential for social mobility. But an equal budget isn't equivalent to equal opportunity.

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Our experience shows that with intensive pedagogic training, teachers can lead students who failed in the past to achievement

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We are happy to share a guest post by Hadas Levi Billig, Programs Manager at Rashi’s Cyber Education Center that offers opportunities to children and youth in the geo-social periphery

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as a newly founded state, Israel has succeeded in ensuring the mobility of its younger generation. But the present inequalities, put the mobility of our children at risk.

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An Israeli child born to parents in the bottom fifth of the income distribution has a chance of 10.5% to reach the top fifth as an adult

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What is the connection between the income of a child's parents and his or her chances to become an inventor?

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Rashi’s new initiative, a pedagogic network, advances low-performing schools, which are found mostly in the social and geographic periphery of Israel

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