Yesod Program

Young men and women from all sectors of Israeli society take leadership course in preparation for entering decision-making positions in the public service or civil society.

Many populations in Israeli society are still under-represented in leadership positions, where they can influence the decision-making process. Such representation and participation are crucial in order to ensure that shaping public policy draws on the abilities and knowledge that exist within all sectors of the population and recognizes their different needs.

Yesod (“foundation” in Hebrew) is a leadership course in preparation for entering public service, either directly or after further training in programs such as Cadets for Municipal Service.

The training program is based on three main elements:
Knowledge – in-depth study of social and public policy issues
Skills – acquiring tools for effective work in the public service and civil society
Perception – exploring and defining the participants’ personal identity as social leaders

Young adults in groups of 25 take part in the 3-month program that includes academic studies, seminars, workshops and tours focusing on key social issues in Israel.

Throughout the course and afterwards, the program team guides each of the participants to help them realize their potential in public service. The program graduates join the Yesod Fellows Network, whose members continue to learn while cooperating and assisting each other in their work in the local and national government or NGOs.



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Operating body

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