Promoting Gender Equality

The Rashi Foundation, one of the leading philanthropies in Israel, was accredited as a consultant to the United Nations Human Rights Council by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

For nearly 40 years, Rashi has been working with partners from the philanthropic, government and business sectors to provide cradle-to-career opportunities in education, social welfare and employment for underserved populations, an agenda that includes the advancement of women.

We create nationwide solutions by designing innovative models, testing them in pilot programs, and scaling them into sustainable public services, while increasing the impact of these initiatives by advocating for social policy change.

As part of our mission, we share the goals of the UN Commission on the Status of Women of promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. Our varied initiatives in this field serve women from all population groups in Israeli society, creating meaningful opportunities for teenage girls, young adults and mothers.

Learn more about our programs:

Her Way

Advancing survivors of domestic violence towards economic independence through training and placement in high-tech.

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Aluma Counseling Centers

Prevention and treatment centers that provide a comprehensive response under one roof to victims of domestic violence.

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Community-based centers for advancing young Arab women through individual and group activity focusing on social status, education and employment.

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Excellence program providing teenage girls with knowledge and skills in cyber and computers that they can apply in high-tech careers.

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Warm Homes for Teenage Girls

After-school centers where girls at risk gain life skills and take an active role in shaping their own future.

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Scholarship program allowing single mothers to improve their socioeconomic situation by acquiring employment-oriented higher education.

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